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May 20, 2011
I have been intrigued by a PT 4WD set up for some time but have always considered the solutions that allow the front end components to spin (even without load) to be half solutions. However my unit here in Afghanistan has been taking delivery of some new HZJ78 Troop Carriers :) .

My question relates to the 4WD system. It has 2 Hi, 4Hi, and 4 Low. I also noticed it has what appears to be the same drive flanges as my selectable hubs. Do these trucks have the same set up as the converted 80's would? I didn't know Toyota did a set up like this stock.
I put FJ62 hubs on my 80 with longfields and chromo inners... just take out the driveshaft when you're not wheeling, these things handle just fine in 2wd.

On a side note, Jeep Cherokees ran with PT4wd and drive flanges for years. But we all know about Jeeps...

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I would imagine that they would use a system similar to what's used in the Tacoma and 4Runners which is an a.d.d. front diff. The automatic disconnect diff has a sleeve that engages the long front axle shaft when 4wd is selected. The rest of the time the actual diff spider gears freewheel when in 2wd.
Ah, that never occurred to me. I was wondering if the Slee set up would work without the freewheel hubs.

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