Part Numbers and Fiche

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Jan 19, 2004
Colorado Mountains
Anyone have the micro fiche for the early trucks - say early 60's to '71.
Looking for both 40 and 45 part numbers
Even if you do find the early micro fiche (I use to have, past tense), the part numbers were not the ten digit numbers Toyota started using around the mid 1960's, consequently I doubt you'd fine a numbers conversion chart (which I also use to have, past tense).
63 was the first year of ten digit part numbers. Just about any early pre ten digit number can be convert to a new part number.
Not sure how you use that site? I tried a early FJ40 VIN. Came back with it wants a seventeen digit VIN which didn't start until the 81 model in the US market. Most other markets didn't have even after 81.
That still only goes back to 1969. That's not a problem. It's prior to 3/69 that Toyota hasn't supported in it's parts system going back to 79 according to CDan. Don't believe there is a site that has that information other than forums like this were members has the information intheir private collection.

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