Part Numbers - 2001 LX470 OEM Roof Rack

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Feb 9, 2019
Dallas, TX
Hi all! I am about to pull my hair out. I am on the hunt for the part numbers for a 2001 LX470 roof rack. I live in Dallas - called Sewell Lexus and waited 20 minutes for the parts manager to find this stupid rack. All he could find were the parts for a 2007 and newer. I'd like to buy new because the plastic is starting to crumble. I've searched all over the accessory forums and I can't find anything. Sorry if this has been asked before. Thank you!
I'm with you... Looking for a rear right roof rack leg cover for a 2001 LX470 and have had no luck finding anything other than buying an entire used rack or a 4 piece aftermarket roof rack leg set on Amazon. It looks like all of the OEM parts are for 2003 or later. Anyone have any better ideas? I am close to buying the Amazon set, taking off the rack, then spray painting everything to match.

The link to the Amazon set is below:

Amazon product

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