Part# help please... Yes, I've been searching for hours.

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Apr 9, 2009
Mason, Texas
After searching many diagrams and websites for the past several hours... I admit defeat.

Does anyone have the part number for the retainer/clamp/clip that goes on the left inner fender? There should be 3 of them. Please see photo.


What year/ model, and what is it holding down
Fourtrax, Thank you for your time and input! 9094901602 is very close to what I'm looking for. I'll order these tomorrow and see if they will work.

Due to an accident, I'm replacing the inner fender. Unfortunately, my dumb a$$ did not make note of what the clip/retainers were holding. But it was not a brake line.

Can someone with a 97 FZJ80 please post a pic of these retainers on the left inner fender? I'll be putting this back together later this week and a pic or two would be a huge help. Thanks!!!
Looks like the clip that holds the lines that go to the evaporation canister to me.

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