parking break swap from 62 series to a 47

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Apr 29, 2006
Barnegat, NJ
just did a tranny swap to a 5 speed and am not putting on the trans parking brake- i have an extra 62 series rear axel which is non full floater with parking breaks- the backing plate with the parking break seems to be spot on for a swap out-my axel is a full floater - any one ever done that- and any advice- cheers
Hi All:

Well, you will need to graft the p-brake cable linkage from the 62 Series onto the HJ47. You may have some issues with cable length, etc.

Good luck!

The plates should work perfectly. You will have to weld the cable brackets from the 60 series axle onto your 40 series axle - it is very easy. I did it on mine using a 60 series full floater, and it was a very easy swap.

As for the cable, if you use one from a 2004 HZJ79 pickup, that will work (this is what 2manycruisers has done). I am certain you can get it from Spector or from CDan in Albuquerque.
About the cable, is it confirmed that a HZJ79 cable is long enough? I swapped a BJ73 rear axle onto my HJ45, to get a working parking brake, and bought a cable for a HJ75. However that cable was NOT long enough!!!

Any first-hand experience on this before I spend more money on parts I think work...;p

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