Parking Brake Signal Wire?

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Apr 15, 2019
Denver, CO
I know everyone bypasses this when installing stereos, but you cannot bypass the Pioneer AVIC unit. The software bypass does not work for Android Auto, which will not work without the parking brake signal. I've searched for hours, there is no way around it except for a PAC unit that creates a pulse. I just want to set up Android Auto.

Does anyone know an easy place to find the parking brake signal wire? A reference sheet from Crutchfield says "green/red - Body Engine Control Unit right rear of dash fuse box - middle plug - pin 2." I can't even find the Body Engine Control Unit.

I would love to avoid taking apart the whole center console to fish out the actual switch.

Thanks for any help!
What's your objection to using the PAC bypass?

Really just didn't want to install it - I don't even care to bypass, just wanted to find an easy place to tap the signal wire.

Looks like I'll just have to just dig out the brake switch or get the PAC unit.


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