Parking brake reinstall?

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Oct 22, 2006
Did the rear rotors and pads on my '07 GX, and the driver's side parking brake was a major PITA when removing the rotor - seems it was mostly seized up and wouldn't adjust. Turns out the forward spring washer had gone missing - this is the slotted washer over the ~1" spring. While I wait to get a new one, anyone have tips for reinstalling the entire parking brake assembly without removing the axle? Or is it as straightforward as it looks?
To answer my own question, reinstalling the parking brake is simple - once you have everything in just the right spot, recite the proper incantations, and have 3-4 hands available. There's a great post somewhere on ToyotaNation about it..............
The inside-the-rotor e-brakes are a major pain on the solid rear axle trucks. You really do need about 4 hands. Unfortunately, you can barely fit one in there because it's so tight. You are not alone... all the techs hate them too.
I -honestly- did not touch the passenger side ebrake. When I removed the rotor from that corner, I adjusted the ebrake in, the rotor slid right off, new one slid right on; installed pads, reinstalled caliper, done in 30-40 mins start to finish. A few days later, that corner started making noises, so I removed the rotor. The forward pin washer-spring-cap on that side had fallen apart and the parts were bouncing around inside the rotor, and the shoe was dragging.

WTF! wtf wtf wtf? I ended up tidying up that cap, brazed in some filler in the slot so it'd stay in place, and reassembled. This time, I was able to do it with only 2 hands and in a reasonable amount of time.

I am very disappointed in the design, it's unnecessarily complex and so many pieces parts have to be just so else forget about it. If they fall apart again, I am going to have a tech suffer through a full rebuild of them. ;)

@Sam Stewart , I am relieved to hear the techs hate them too, that makes me feel a little better. :)
They have been equally pissing off Toyota owners for decades without a major redesign :)

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