Parking Brake Bellcrank Adjustment

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Aug 24, 2009
I replaced my rear rotors/drum and parking brake shoes the other day. When following the FSM adjustment process, I didn't have enough length in the adjustment bolt on the bellcrank. The result being I couldn't take enough slack out of the cable and still have the stopper bolt seat correctly. Therefore, even with the brake lever pulled as far as it will go, it barely grips.

Has anyone run into this?
Is there another adjustment for the bellcrank I'm missing?
Are there longer bolts available?
Make sure you have everything installed correctly. New drums & shoes should have actually made things tighter. If you still need additional adjustment, there is an adjustment on the brake cable itself, behind the rear axle, connects the L & R bellcranks.
I ran into the same problem when I recently adjusted mine. I ended up buying longer bolts at the hardware store. They don’t fit as squarely to the backing plate as the originals but they take out all the slack.
So I have taken it all apart again, and everything is looking to be correct. I may just go with longer bolts then.

But first... is the 8 notches on the adjuster really the right number? That's what the FSM calls for, but it seems like I could get away with 4 and still be okay. Is everyone using the 8, or is there some generic rule of thumb that would be okay?
Adjust the shoes first, then the turn buckle adjuster, then the stops against the dust shield.

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