Paragon March 9th - 12th

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Nov 5, 2003
Shippensburg PA
as per our discussion at the meet and greet, the BBRC crew has a paragon trip planned in march.

March 9-12 Project Riley Trail Ride

I will be attending this for at least the weekend and I'm sure we would all be welcome to hang out.

we don't have to make this *OUR* trail ride if we don't want. I really like Rausch as well, so if we decide to do something there as well it would be cool.

Post up and let everyone know your thoughts!
i should be able to bring my zuk and maybe a few others out for a day or two....i think dom's rig will be torn down to get some cruiser axles, stretched, and dual cases by then:D
Hey Jeff, You just might run into the CLCC crowd there that weekend.
Hey Jeff,

CLCC = Capital Land Cruiser Club.

I'll go if the weather's ok. Not sure on the camping tho. Winter camping *used* to be a snap for me. Now... we'll see. Just went for a day trip to Madison. Check Devils Ditch under events.
Can do, but can't speak for Bob. All I can say on his behalf is that he, like me has a serious jonesing to wheel. :D :D :grinpimp: :grinpimp:
Saturday the 11th

Saturday the 11th works for me. Not to sure about the camping out stuff. If I don't here the crickets at night, its to cold for me. Sunday bites, do to the fact I have to be at work at 11pm on sunday night. Other than that sounds good to me. I do ask that you Gentlemen ( I am using that loosely here) Be kind to a stock Virgin. No need for dents. Since deer have that corner taken on my 91.

oh... One more thing. I am the proud owner of a 72Fj40 as of this morning. Of course it needs to be redone and all, But hey! I got myself one!
coming out for the day is equally fun, the park closes at dark anyway. I plan to camp out if others want to ride Sunday for a half day.. there are also some hotel options as well..
let's see some pics of that 40 : )
Sounds good to me, I'll see if I can crowd it into my very busy social calendar.
3/11 no good for me. Heading up to Ma. for family type stuff.
Doing it as a day trip :rolleyes:
Well, I just might be out of it to now. I have to work Saturday 7-3. :mad:
At least they gave me more than weeks notice. Usually its the day before!
Sorry....... But if anything changes, I'll jump in again.

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