parabolic vs spring

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Mar 12, 2008
hello everybody
2 years ago i fit on my hj61 pick up, OME kit with ant and rear anti reverse kit, with factory(no OME) gas shock absorbed.
this configuration is very good when wheeling with a lot of load in the rear while is too hard to drive with no load in the rear and the cruiser jump like a locust:bang:
so in your opinion is better take a parabolic kit (HST kit in Italy is now aviable)or put a set of 4 spring??
this solution is the most radical and difficult but i think the most confortable and also expensive......
for hzj 70's there's some bolt on kit for conversion but for 60's i have never see:frown:
i can take a 80 suspension and than transfer on 60 axle??

calphi 27 thanks for the link,i read all if you want a best effect of ome dakar(heavy duty) must fit the "light duty" kit of Hst 2 leaf spring in the rear and 3 leaf in the front if you put winch and bumper?

and in your opinion if i put coil of 80?the ride qualities are better than parabolic?
and in your opinion if i put coil of 80?the ride qualities are better than parabolic?

I will add a vote for a rear coil suspension, but in all cases, no mather if are spring packs or coils, need to be well mathed to your aplication.

It means the correct spring rate .. so now you need to figure how much weight you going to carry in your 61 series with the pic up conversion ..
of coure the spring rate is the real problem....the other "problem" is how to fix the Panahard bar and all geometry of solution.........i think that only 1inch of difference make a good project in a bad idea

in your opinion the stock coil of 80 series is too hard for 61 pick up??

i looking for a intermediate solution:for about 15 days every years i need a heavy duty solution for African trip (camping,spare tank,2bfg mud and so on)the rest of the years i need a flex solution for local off road with a light load in the rear

yes i know that is a difficult solution but i try to do it......:eek::grinpimp:
Checking in the OME catalog I get usefull info ..

860 coils ( 80 series light load ) are 220lb/in and the CS017RA sprigs ( light load also ) for the 60 series are 255 lb/in spring rate ..

Something close to those numbers gonna give you a nice ride without load ( or at least with a little one ) and add for this setup ( whatever you decide .. . coils or spring packs ) some air bag setup .. that you will use for those long trips with plenty of stuffback.

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Nico, I can't comment on the ride quality of parabolics or coils. I have leaf spring experience only. I think parabolics with airbags could be a good combo though.

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