Parabolic springs

Sep 26, 2005
Inland Empire
How are the parabolic springs holding up? I'm saving for a medium duty 2" OME lift, but it sounds like these might be a reasonable alternative for what I need. And what about price? Stock suspension right now, I've read I'll need anti inversion shakles, etc to gp with the parabolics.
Thanks to all for the info. Ideas are bouncing around my brain like crazy. Maybe the most important question for you all--How to convence my wife that I need to do all this stuff? Maybe take her out on the trail and get stuck real bad, then explain that it would not have happened if......
Jul 26, 2005
Cranbrook BC
I can't tell you about parabolic leafs, although I am interested in them myself. A local TLCA member was telling me about them, and he got me interested in the idea. He showed me an article in a Toyota Trails magazine. I was going to contact him, but I lost his info. So I am interested in hearing what other people say about them.

But I can say tricking your wife into a lift might not be the best idea. I would recommend instead just being extra thoughtful and doing things for her. Eventually she will notice and want to do something extra for you. Then you might try and suggest the leafs (Not that I am implying do things for your wife just to get things). But it might get you the same results and a better marriage and a happier wife as the same time. Worst case scenario: you don't get a lift, but your marraige is that much stronger. But hey, what do I know... I am just some young punk! :) ;)

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Apr 22, 2004
Roodepoort, South Africa
I would love to go to parabolics on my FJ60. I actually took a little time to research then and they seem to hold up really well, even with heavy use on leaf sprung Land Rovers. Pretty popular with that crowd.
The only thing that shys me away is that with the dollar/euro exhange rate not being in our favor the price is pretty high I think.
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