Papa Smurf - Resto mudded FJ40

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Jan 11, 2016
Benicia, CA
Welcome. I

1970 August - land cruiser 40

I bought this truck in December of 2015. I sold all my worldly possessions to move to San Francisco for my career. I enjoyed the truck for 6-7 months when the 350 threw a rod. I was stuck in Santa Rosa with no way to return home. Unfortunatley i didn't know about Mudrak, Yodaman or Tim W. at the time. I ended up having the truck towed to Shaffer Off-road for a LS swap. There the truck sat for 3 years. During that three year period i learned a lot more about cruisers went on several trips and just enjoyed the community. During that process i learned how to flip a bezel and focus on period correct stock mods. At the time i paid a lot of labor for a fairly simple swap i enjoyed the journey but no the price tag. I hope you enjoy following along. This is my ridiculous daily driver but its fun and i enjoy it.

Paint - Ford Grabber Blue - previous owner chose the color. i may someday do something different.
Armor - Hanson Off-road CJ front bumper, White knuckle Off-road Sliders, Dissent Off-road 1 off bumper, Downey Skid plate
Wheels - SCS F5 - powder coated white - 35" BFG KO2
Suspension - Dissent offroad Custom shackles, 4x4Labs hi steer, OME Medium duty, Bilstein 5100's
Drive train - 5.3 L33 LS - 4L65E (rebuilt 2020) - Early 40 transfer case - woody drive shafts - ARB air locker front and rear - RCV front axels - Stock rear axel - FJ60 Brakes - Chevy BTB products rear brakes
Interior - Recaro Expert M Seat, Icon 4x4 rear jump seat - vinly to match recaros - BTB prodcuts dash pad box - tuffy center console
Electronics - Ham radio
Hardtop - Mudrack restored 2019 - I have way to much invested in this hard top. if you have a clean one keep it forever....

Current look:
FJ40 - Front.jpeg

FJ40 Rear.jpeg


Purchase date:


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Roger. On it. I want to take off the diamond plate but the body isn't 100%. Plus PO drilled many holes for it. Makes me sad. I will flip the bezel. Thanks for the "pro tip" - that is getting painted white as well.
bezel- that is getting painted white as well.


I was holding back ... I did want to say something :)

As for the diamond plate... Mine had them for several years ... When you can get to them .... You'll get to them

Enjoy the truck... And in 20+ years you'll be surprised at how different/same it is :)
O yeah forgot the dream items-

-full aluminum body - powder coated
- custom interior with quality sound system
- fully built axels with lockers
-LS3 with auto trans swap(once current setup goes) - maybe ad atlas transfer with crawl box.
- rock monster wheels - with 35" MT

And finally a garage to complete be build...currently street parked... Yikes.
Love those wheels and the recaros!

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