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Jul 30, 2003
Has anyone ordered / have a Pakistani OEM top for their FJ? Do they work well? What is the order turn around time and $? Is intall easy and removal easy? Is tehre anything better out there or is this the one?
I think this top is the best looking around. I do not have one, yet. Hopefully soon though. I also hear, the top is made of better material and is more durable.
I bought one from Junk-I should have it in about a week. I'll let you know.
I tried to buy that same top from Junk! Lucky bastard, apparently it was sold to you! Anyway, there is a thread kicking around with the ship time on it and some cool pics. Have you visited the website? I think the total with shipping is like $900 and ship time for junk was almost 6 months.. Its long but from the pics it seems worth it compared to a Bestop=crap.

Picked mine up last Saturday (it was relayed up to Salem, OR, from Alameda). It was part of a shipment that we began last September, or so. I don't think future shipments will take as long, but you can never tell what is going to happen in world events. All in all, I think we paid as much for container shipping/Customs fees/futher transport to the final destination as we would have spent for individual air shipment. Future shipments might be cheaper though, and filling a shipping container would certainly lower the cost per top/item (I don't think we came close to filling the container).

I have not installed it on the truck yet, but I did install it on the tub that I am refurbishing in the garage. It is sweet.

The bows are very heavy, and obviously hand built (they have all of the tooling marks on them). The bows only have primer on them so they need to be painted at destination (no reason to paint them prior to shipping, as they get fairly scratched up in transport).

The top itself is very well made. It is double-thickness (the material is back-to-back so that the appearance surface is exposed on the interior and the exterior). The stitching is well done and the fit is very nice.

Some of the hardware is rough, but it is, for the most part, easily replaced standard 6mm and 8mm hardware. Ehsan cannot get high quality turn screws, but those are available from other sources, including Toyota.

All said, it's a good looking top. On a lot of trucks, including my '76 at the moment, the top will be like gold leaf on a turd. Now I'll to have to fix up the truck to do justice to the top.

I'll need to add some effective theft protection, also. :mad:
Post some pics of that top once it installed. Those tops were sweet looking in the original thread. Little too pricey for me though. Maybe one of the US parts distributors will pick up the line and start selling them cheaper.

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