PAIR valve making lots of noise

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Apr 16, 2005
PAIR valve on my '94 FZJ is making a lot of noise at startup and even after warm when you quickly accelerate and then let off it makes a low pitched buzz or growl. don't remember it ever being this loud. FSM states that with the engine hot, if you rev to 2,500 and let off, the "bubbling" noise should not be heard. Mine is making more than a "bubbling", it kind of growls at you.

Don't have a vacuum gauge, so I can't do the other tests.

Does it sound like the PAIR is dead?


Check for leaks/cracks. When I removed the box coming off the air cleaner (for dual battery install) I needed to get a hose to run straight from the air cleaner to the pair valve. Well, I started it up to drive to Autozone and made a horrible racket.
That connection from the air cleaner to the valve needs to be air tight.

Thats all I got.

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