painting windshield frame on 40

Aug 12, 2002
Olympia, WA
I am stripping down and repainting my wife's '67 fj40. Everything is going just peachy except for the damned windshield frame. I cannot get the pins out of the hinges. I accidently mushroomed the end of one of the pins by tapping on it too hard... perhaps banging the hell out of it while cussing up a storm is a better description then tapping.

Anyways... I need to get these suckers out or at least be told an effective means of painting the hinges, with the pin in, without having a permanently upright windshield....

I also cannot get the phillips screws that mount the hinge to the frame and body out. . . I have had terrible luck with all the other screws on the body (stripping the X) and I really hate the thought of drilling these out.

Though sitting in the sun, drinking beer, and staring at the cruiser is rather pleasant, I really need to get my ass in gear and finish this.... so my wife will stop driving my 60! ;)

thanks in advance

Jun 13, 2003
A combo of heat, PB blaster, a cold chisel and a BFH will get the screws out. Never pulled the pins. I just painted the hinges with the pins in place
Apr 20, 2003
Try going to sears and spend $30 on their impact removal tool, you hit it with a hammer and turn at the same time, Thats how I got mine out. But I had to weld a nut on two of the screws to get them out, also soak them with wd40 24 hours in advance, you'll have to crawl under the dash to get at the back sides.
Jul 5, 2003
Central, Utah
Another tool that is very helpful is T-handle driver. They can be purchased at most good motorcycle shops. Not only are they built to fit the jap fasteners better than most tools, they are big enough to really lean on and apply some torque. A good penetrating oil is still the most important item.
There are some nice stainless hinges out there.

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