Painting Rims

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Jan 31, 2003
"the whale's vagina", CA
Bought a set of 5 rims from summit racing the other day, they are coming bare, non painted. I was planning on rattle can them black with smooth black hammeritte. I didn't want to go through the expense of powdercoating as the truck will be used and eventually the rims will be chipped, scratched etc. and this way if they need a fresh coat well that is easy enough project every couple years. Was wondering if anyone has had issues with painting rims with spray cans? I think one person told me that they will get too hot for spraypaint. I would like to hear from other that have used the rattle can method.



I've rattlecanned before, and had the paint peeling off by the next summer. But perhaps I forgot to prime them..... ;)
Yup. Same thing happened to some whitey's I bought. I also didn't prime them. :slap: Primer should help--you might want to run some steel wool or somethin' on 'em first if they're really smooth. And, anyway, the good thing about rattle can vs. powder coat is when it scrapes off, you can just grab your can and give 'em the once over and you're good to go for another year or so...

You probably saw this, but someone said in the other thread that you could get wheels powdercoated for 20 dollars a wheel. Les Schwab or something like that.

The guy at US wheel that told me that paint would fail due to heat. They probably know, but then, if you are willing to repaint it probably does not matter.

Come to think of it, it seems like they always say the black wheels are powdercoated, but the white wheels are just painted. I have no idea why that might be.

Do you have a picture of your wheels? I really just want to know if they are the eight spoke wheels or the 10 spoke wheels.

You can paint them. I painted the wheels on my 79. Just make sure they're roughed up, primed then painted. You might need to touch up down the road, but that comes with the decor.

Depends on what you're shooting for. Cheap, then you've got it. Functional, sure.

There won't be anybody stopping you about your wheels though....
I just PORed a set of wheels. Put my winter tires on them, just this week. I have a feeling it will last a lot longer than rattlecan, but time will tell. First trip down the road they got coated with a fine brown dirt coating, which is what any wheels I have do. Look just the same now as the powdercoated new ones I bought. Hell, its a Landcruiser! :cheers:
that got me thinking, I do have some left over zerorust I could do them in, either way it sounds like it is not a problem. Not lookin for any Bling, just want them plain old black and functional. thanks to all for the responses.

What about hitting them with some bed liner paint out of a rattle can. Duplicoat makes and epoxy based paint for "high traffic areas". I just finished stripping down the inside of my cruiser to metal and priming and repainting the interior trim and tail gate. Looks great, rugged, looks powder coated and doesn't drip or run during application. Good Luck!
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Is temp the issue? If so I wonder if there is a special high heat paint one can use, like an engine enamel or ? I thought the parts stores sell something like this?


I don't think heat is an issue, one of my sets in 2+ years old rattle peeling, heck that set I painted with the tires on! The gray wheels on my fj40 came out SWEET, just drove it over and thru some logs yesterday, one scaped up the tire pretty good......the paint on the lip didn't come off :)
I have painted my rims and other repaired parts on my 40 for some time. No problems with peeling. Clean the rims down with an sos pad or steel wool first, prime with rustoleum prime and then paint. Just to be a little different and for the convenience I use the best latex outdoor enamel I can find color matched to the orginal cruiser paint. Easy cleanup and doesnt look like a patch job. The tailgate and rims are latex. Tail gate paint about 8 yrs old, rims about 2
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why not just use crome or gold spray paint then you got bling-bling for cheap-cheap

and you can huff the left overs. Gold and silvers the good s***!! :flipoff2: :slap:
My 02 ....scratch pad them with epoxy primer (non sanding) and then paint...single stage acrylic urethane.
I washed, steel wooled, primed a couple a coats and rattle canned about three with industrial spray paint (whatever that it, I just bought it cause the can was bigger). Seems to be holding up great and looks nice. I think anyway. My bro had some blasted and painted for about $100-$150. Mine weren't sandblasted, but it also only cost me $10 or so and some time. We'll see which holds up better.
I did the wheels on my van some 5 years ago and they still look great. I prepped them by using one of those cheap sand blasters you can get at the parts house. I didn't blast them to bare steel I just peppered the shine off so the primer would stick. Be sure to wash off ALL of the sand. You still can't tell it was a cheesy rattlecan job.
If you clean them thoroughly with solvent, use a metal etch prep, prime and paint two coats with a good paint like Hammerite, they should look great and go for a long time. Let them dry for a couple of days before mounting the tires. Painting is 90% prep and patience, 10% painting.

Mike S
The PO of my cruiser sandblasted the wheels, then painted them with green single stage auto paint. several years later they look the same, with no peeling or discoloration etc. I'd go get a HVLP sprayer and use black auto paint and make your wheels a good learning experience.
Home Depot has decent HVLP sprayers for $80.

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