Painting Jump seat frames

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Jun 16, 2011
Los Angeles, CA
Does anyone have any suggestions for rattle can paint on the jump seat frames? I have primed them nicely, but my first attempt with with a spray can of metallic rustoleum didn't come out very well. I was just wondering if anyone has any tips or tricks or knows of any other better spray paints to get the job done.

Any help is much appreciated.

Did you get a can of the "hammered" paint inadvertantly?
sand them smooth again for starters. lay down a dryish coat of spray paint wait a few minutes for it to tack up and hit it with a wet coat. i like to clear coat after painting as well.
Did you get a can of the "hammered" paint inadvertantly?

No. I didn't buy hammered, although I thought it looked cool. It just wasn't smooth at all and didn't layer up nicely at all. I tested it in the seat part, so it will be covered by the cushion. But I don't really want to proceed with the same stuff. It did however work great for the dash pocket door.
I used Rustoleum Professional to paint my jack and was really impressed with the finish. Don't know if the have a color you're looking for but I really like it.
not all paints are compatible. are you using a primer that is compatible with your top coat?

That's what I was thinking too. I used rusto auto primer on my 1/2 doors, then real automotive paint and a gun, which ate through the rusto primer some and I got a textured finish.

I like the rusto professional with matching primer too.
I used hammerite grey on mine I like the finish. The hammered finish covers imperfections.

I like the hammered look a lot. Is there any way you could include a picture or two on here?

I'd like to see some pics too! Is this the Rustoleum hammered paint?

Hard to really judge from pics on a screen, but I found this demo on strips of metal with different primers. Would love to see a real item.

LINK, click-it! ~~> Tips and techniques wanted for Rustoleum Hammered Interior Finish - VAF Forums

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