Painting grey interior plastic tan/oak?

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Jan 8, 2009
North Saanich, BC, Canada
Does anybody have any real-world advice on the best way to paint grey parts tan? Like, has your paint job survived over a year and still look good?

Also looking for a colour code for tan/oak...

I'm looking at buying the console plastic for LHD with manual transmission. $190 but only available in grey. Or do I hold out and keep checking eBay for a brown one?
They make such a thing as vinyl/plastic "paint" that is designed to re-color vinyl. I used it on an old Chev. console between the seats. I think it was made by Plasti-Kote. It is VERY thin viscosity, comes in a spray bomb and is easy to use. I went from tan to black on what I did and no one knew the difference when I was done.

The VHT works as well.

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