Painted Rear Bumper Cover

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Jul 10, 2005
Matthews, NC
O.K., I think I may be getting a bit out of control with this painting thing, but after recently doing my 90K, new manifolds, new tires and TJM front bumper, my "mod fund" is a bit dried up! However, I can still afford paint! In the last few weeks I have painted my front grill black, and the side trim which was pretty beat up black. I did my rear bumper cover yesterday so it would match the trim. I didn't like the contrast now that everything else was black, and it had quite a few scratches! I used the same paint I used on the trim...Dupli-Color Truck Bed Coating. Seems pretty durable and i like the matte finish. Here are a couple pics.
There looks like there is some "shadowing" in the paint. It is just the light. It actually turned out pretty good for $10! With all this truck bed paint I may be getting a little too :hillbilly:!!! Atleast my Cruiser will stand out a little at the mall!
That looks pretty good.

Whatcha going to paint next?
That's probably it! Although, I am trying to figure out if I want to do something with the chrome hoop on my TJM? Take it off, leave it alone, paint, powder coat, anodize?

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