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Sep 17, 2003
On your front fender flares, is your paint peeling?? Mine started peeling more then several months ago. Only the clear coat is peeling though. I buffed out several scratches last week and rewaxed her. The next day I washed the new mud off her and noticed a new scratch. Today I noticed that the clear coat is peeling off around that scratch. Anyone have that problem??
Have you had this vehicle since new? I'm guessing not, and that the flares have been repainted by the previous owner.

I do not know if the vehicle has been repainted before my mom got it with about 50k miles. We have repainted the hood, roof, and I think some panels(which I do not know). I'm trying to get my uncle to help me paint the whole Cruiser and take out the rust.
The 80 series body was built and painted by one of the finest coach builders in the world (not by Toyota), and I've never heard of a paint problem like that on an Araco-built vehicle. Sounds like poor surface prep prior to laying down the clearcoat by some local body shop.

Also, it looks the same but a lil bit more rusted on the top of my rear hatch. Also, Aracco. What is that?? Is my Cruiser not painted and built by Toyota??
Nope. Araco is a Japanese specialty coachbuilder that the best companies call upon to do their very best work. They've got a long association building the highest quality lower volume bodies for Toyota. Look on one of your front doors (right side?) for a silver sticker on the area you'd see tire inflation information and the like. Not sure about the location but if you open the doors and look around either on the door frame or inner door you'll see it.

So, are you the reason this board is on Hawaii time?? :)

Yup, I saw the sticker when we got this Cruiser a few years back. Always wondered.
Oh yeah, Hawai'i time?? It's like 12 over here.

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