Paint Question - 1986 FJ60

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Jan 24, 2022
Hi All,

First time poster here but I've been lurking for some time now.

I am in the market for an FJ60 or FJ62 in southern california. I nearly purchased a beautiful '85 over the weekend but a last minute mileage discrepancy (found out the odometer had been rolled back 100k miles when I pulled a carfax report) sullied the deal. Now I am looking at an '86 but I have a couple of questions about paint.

Have any of you guys seen this specific striping/coloring? I can't seem to find an identical pinstripe online so I'm thinking it is an aftermarket job. I asked the seller but he did not know if the paint had been redone. The pinstripe seems to be the only area that faded, so I'm wondering if it is possible to have just that area corrected and not the rest of the truck? Have any of you paid to have only the pinstriping redone? What did it run you? I don't mind the patina look but I know at some point it will bug me, and I'd prefer to avoid a full repaint if possible.

If that’s paint and not a vinyl sticker - heck yeah that’s been painted by some custom shop or a previous owner who knew how to do that.
If you want it fancied up, you’d have to take it to a custom paint shop that does paint jobs like that. They’d probably try to talk you into repainting both sides
Good to know. Both sides have the same fade, I don't think it was intentional, probably just a cheap job. Are there any good examples of vinyl striping? Maybe I go that route? I assumed most of the pinstriping I see is paint.
no idea on your question...but i dig that "stripe" :) reminds me off an old Cherokee wagon i had :rofl::rofl::rofl:
That is a decal and the patina area is replicating wood grain. I’d question the seller if he can’t confirm this. A quick fingernail test and rub of the finger would indicate this. If it’s truly painted on someone paid a lot of money for it. If the 464 topcoat is as fresh as it looks that decal an be removed a then buffed out. May require some mild wet sanding prior to buffing.

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