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Jan 11, 2005
Paint job in NC?

Just a shot in the dark, but can anyone recommend someone in NC Who will do a good job spraying a fj-40. I've done a majority of the bodywork. I'm going to be overseas for the next couple of months but am looking to have it sprayed come Jan timeframe. It has a 3/4 alluminum tub and will be epoxyed. anyway any help would be greatly appreciated.

I had planned on painting it myself but have been unable to find a booth I can rent, and I'm not interested in doing the topcoat in my garage during the winter!

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total rice
Nov 24, 2004
Heart of Dixie
You are prolly going to have a hard time finding someone to finish your project 1/2 way through. My body shop told me they would never do another FJ40 again because they had no idea how much hand sanding was involved. Time = $$. Youv'e come this far, keep going! Not sure about the quality you are looking for but there are many on this forum that can, have and will again share their experience with rattle cans. For that matter, do a search.


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Jun 23, 2005
Reno, NV
camcruiser13 said:
do what i did and paint it out in the drive way,
If I hadn't seen this done I wouldn't belive it was possiable. A kid down the street from my old house did his lowrider Impalla in the driveway. It looked great when he was done. He worked early in the morning, when the wind was down, and wet everything down with a hose before he started. When I say everything I mean the driveway, bushes, grass etc. not the car.

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