paint it or linex it?

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Nov 1, 2005
wakonda, sd
ive got a 75 fj40 that ive gone pretty crazy on. I pulled the 2f and dropped in a 454 to a 350 turbo to a 208 t-case. then took out the stock axles and put in full size chevy's to fit 18/39 boggers. Im doing the body now and i have a buddy that opened a linex spray in bed liner buisness. He will shoot the whole rig bright yellow with linex for dirt cheap. inside and out, from front to back. what do you guy's think, should i have him do it? thanks
Agruably one of the best liners out there, really does a great job! It gives a little extra protection when you get a little cozy with rocks and tree's. Oh and by the way when should I bring my cruiser over for that deal? Have a good one!
Sounds like your rig is quite the trail monster LINEX it and never look back, paint just gets scratches. This coming from a guy with the whole rig durabaked and more homemade body armor than a Neo Nazi Army.
If it's dedicated rig, I'd linex it and never really have to worry about rust if its done right
that sh!t is tough, they coat walls of the pentagon with it.

- i dunno his rig sounds almost original i wouldn't try it.... lol

line-x'er already:flipoff2:
Hi All:

Well, people say coating the entire body tub with "spray-on" bed liner adds lots of weight. All I can say is that I think you have enough engine to handle it! ;)

If you can get "a deal" from your friend on the Linex coating then yeah, why the hell not! Perfect for a trail machine.



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