Padre Pictures/Video

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Feb 19, 2008
San Antonio
Post them up here!

Lunch at the beach

Stuck Lowrider

Bad Cruiser Karma. This is what happens to FJ drivers that don't wave to fellow Land Cruisers...

Brett Towing out the FJ

Which one of these doesn't fit...

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Wow stuck at Yarbrough's pass is lame. I had trouble that first time in 2wd but the second time around in 2wd it didn't have a problem.....of course that is a locked 2wd. :D I mean geeze, that first time as soon as I put it in 4wd there was no issue at all.

Too bad I missed the fun, Chris could have told them all about their momma.
We need Adam and Leslie's pics/video!!!
We need Adam and Leslie's pics/video!!!

When I talked with Adam last, he was still without a internet hook up at his new place. He did not know when he would get it. So I would think the only time he might be able to check the threads are during work.

I guess he never heard of a MODEM! :grinpimp:


The ol acoustic coupler..... I haven't seen one of those dinosaurs in years! :D

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