Pad Material Contact with front Rotors After Brake Job (1 Viewer)

Dec 11, 2012
I'm a little concerned about this, though maybe it's typical. Frankly, I'm not sure since I've only done one other brake job before.

After rebuilding my front axle, I decided to replace the front pads and hoses (I posted a thread about bleeding earlier). The rotors were looking pretty good, so no issues there. Anyway, I just finished bleeding all four corners, plus the LSPV in the correct order. I was finishing up and cleaning off the rotors with brake cleaner and was rotating the hub to get to a hidden patch of rotor. I noticed that I could hear the pad material making contact with the rotors. Then I took a look at the pads where they contact against the pistons and it looked like the pistons weren't fully retracted and the pad material was darn close to the rotor if not touching.

I had no issues with the bleed and didn't let the reservoir go empty. In fact, I never let it go below minimum. My partner in bleeding was careful not to overstroke the MC and verified an increased firmness in pedal action as we progressed. I also checked to make sure all the bleed screws were nice and tight (even the LSPV) as well as the new front hoses I installed, but nothing seemed unusual. Right now I'm standing back and figuring out what to do next, while I watch for any potential leaks from the hose connections under a pressurized system.


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Apr 26, 2009
The pads will always touch the rotors. It's been that way on every brake job I've ever done on any vehicle.

As long as you can spin it by hand, it's ok.
Dec 13, 2008
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Sounds normal. If the pad wasn't a hair away or just touching you would have excessive pedal travel before engagment

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