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Sep 13, 2006
Well, it finally happened. Steph and I are expecting. Luckily for me, Steph said: "I'm selling the Jeep". So I'm assuming that means I get to keep the FJ... :grinpimp: Looks like the little person will be here in December.

Congrats, Art! There is nothing in the world like kids, and I mean that in a good way (mostly).

So, does this mean that you also have a new winch for the FJ?

Thanks, I'm just a bit excited!

As to the winch, I believe we'll see that in the raffle again this year!

Hope all is well with you, and hope the rain holds off so you can get your crops in!

Congratulations, Art! That is great news!!! :clap:
Congratulations Art! That is great news! I'll let Trish know as well. Just think, in 14 years, you will have a spotter. :)

:bounce::bounce::bounce: Thats better news than what I thought when I saw the title. Thought you were movin' or something. Whew! This will rock your world (in a good way.) Be careful, cause they grow fast. It seems like yesterday that we had our first and now he is 6....


Brooke wants to know if our kids were so much fun so you thought it was time to have your own?

Keep them away from the red dot till they get at least 19 years old. :D

We are happy for you guys.
Hey, congrats from Winnie and me. I am at CM and was just catching up on the news. I will post some links to pictures as soon as I get a chance.
Congrats man!!!

ewww..... kids.


So, when do you start shopping for a new house, furniture, clothes, dishes.....

You'll love it. And hate it. And love it again..... And wish you could just at least have 5 minutes by yourself so you can poop in peace.
Hand in your man card as you exit the building please....


At least teach her how to change her own oil/ tires/ brake pads. mmmK?
I'm going to teach her how to pee in the woods so daddy doesn't have to drive back to town... :D On second thought, maybe mommy will have to teach her that. And yes, hopefully I'll have a project truck in a few years that she can help daddy with...and gain an interest. Never turning in my man card...just upgrading it to the daddy card. :D
Oh, and start shopping for the pink electric barbie JEEP. Steph will love that! :)
You could always swap the LS1 out of the corvette into the JEEP.

Oh, wait......

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