For Sale Pacific NW: 2006 LX470

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United States

First time poster. I am interested in a LC or LX470. I would prefer an 06 or 07. I noticed this vehicle in my area and it looks ok but I'm concerned the miles might be a little high. Based on the Carfax, I think it also needs a timing belt. Is this a decent vehicle?

Based on the carfax, it looks like the 90k and 120k were performed at Lexus dealerships. Various non dealership service locations are recorded until around 177k (current mileage) when the vehicle was serviced at Lexus in CA before the dealership sold it at auction. I would imagine this means the dealer took it in on trade and immediately auctioned it. I don't see a reason for the dealership to "fully service" a vehicle they plan to promptly auction, but I could be wrong?

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