P0500 / P0720 with an A343 - where do I get these speed sensors...

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Mar 29, 2019
the catskill mountains and the delaware river, NY
...and does anyone have tips on changing them?

Good morning everyone!

I'm lucky enough to be driving a 1995 FJZ80L with A/TM K294/A343F - DOB 02/95

After failing intermittently, my speedo stopped working and then my check engine light went on, and the O/D light started flashing after a few minutes of being in motion. Everything else seems to be working fine, transmission fluid level is OK. Cruise Control light comes on, but doesn't work.

OBD reader shows two faults:
P0500 - Powertrain - Vehicle Speed Sensor
P0720 - Powertrain - Output Speed Sensor Circuit

I took out what I think is No. 1 Vehicle Speed Sensor and cleaned it with some contact cleaner (why not?!) with no luck.

From what I can tell, P0720 is a defective No. 1 Speed Sensor. I will probably change sensor #2 as well since I'm in there.

Here's where I'm asking for help:

Does anyone have the part numbers and/or a good source for these sensors for the A343? I'm not finding good information.
Has anyone done this/these swap(s)? Any tips?
And before that, is that the right fix for these symptoms and errors?

Thank you in advance for your help. I love my ride and don't like having anything not working as it should.

Have a great weekend!

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