P0401 Cause by EGR Wiring?

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Dec 27, 2014
94 LC
LC died on the road. Found out the EGR wiring burned since it was sitting on top of the valve cover. Had a Ih8MUD member fixed the wiring. Now I get the P0401 CEL. Before I check for the P0401, would the wiring fix cause the P0401? Thanks
First The simple thing could be the code happened at the time of failure and now needs to be cleared. Things usually are not that easy. Overheated wires can build resistence, check the wire or wires in question for resistance, to the next connection. Recheck repair work. EGR could be bad and slim chance throttle body is cloged from oil and carbon . This is just guessing and giving some possibilities for you . Good Luck !

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