P0335 & P0340

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Sep 26, 2017
Midway, ky
These codes came up yesterday with absolutely zero symptoms. As a "YouTube Certified Mechanic" I took to the internet. Extensive search didn't reveal much info. A call to the dealership to schedule timing belt - due anyway - said it was unlikely that both the crankshaft and camshaft position sensors went bad at the same time do it was likely a wiring issue somewhere. Ol' Bess does have over 227k on the clock but they were very coddled, lady driven miles until I got her a few k ago so I doubted I'd find a lot of mud caked into the terminals. Quick glance under the hood and I instantly spotted this: a wire that should have been routed behind a vacuum line when it was put back together after timing belt replacement but was not. This was done at a dealership. Smh. I'll have it routed properly after the new timing belt goes in on Monday ( @ a different dealership).

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