P0171- Found one problem, I'm worried theres more

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May 13, 2010

I was out in wheeling a remote location far from home and the CEL came. A few minutes later I drove through a small gulley (still in high range, not much of an obstacle) and the engine stalled. I tried to restart it with some difficulty and found that unless I kept up the revs it would stall and even more worrying I couldn't get it out of park for some reason.

Eventually I was able to force it into drive and keep going, I got all the way home and after the incident it seemed OK. I checked the codes and got P0171 and after reading here found the duct after the MAF was cracked.

I'm worried that this isn't the problem that almost got me stuck in the desert, would this alone be enough to cause the situation I described?

I also noticed a whine that occurs when I accelerate and the engine is under load and read here that this could be the fuel pump which might be part of the previous incident?

By the way the vehicle in question is a new to me 97 LX450 that appears to be well looked after.

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