P0125 Code - LX470

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Jan 6, 2009
I installed new Magnaflow replacement cats today on both sides and also added a borla cat back exhaust and now I'm getting a P0125 code which I didn't have an issue with before. I did a search on here and some say it was related to the coolant sensor then some say related to the upstream front O2 sensors.

Its a 2000 LX470 with 120K on it. Could the new cats and higher flow exhaust affect the o2 sensors? do they need to be replaced now?

Ever figure this out?
I had the same code on my LC. I found the same confusing info while researching it. In our case, though, it is the coolant sensor at fault, not the oxygen sensor. I removed the plug from the coolant sensor and cleaned the terminals on the sensor and in the plug best I could and that solved it. The code has not returned.
FYI, O2 sensor codes for LX and LC are 0130 thru 0167.
Thanks I'll get to it this weekend and confirm
I'm curious how this turned out for you. I have a P0125 code and replaced the temp sensor and it came back. Did replacing the upstream O2 sensor resolve it?

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