P/S Pump Rebuild vs. Replacement

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Apr 1, 2003
Has anyone rebuilt their power steering pump? Difficulty level and cost vs. replacing it. Mine whines like I ran over a cat when it gets hot. No loss in performance and I have had it flushed which helped a little. Just trying to be proactive instead of broken down.

The kit for the gear-driven 1FZ PS pump is a 04446-60080, it lists for $48.07. The pump is a 44320-60182, it lists for $310.40. (A Mudder could probably do better 8) ). I have not had one apart on the bench. I DO have both in stock at the moment.

In the old days we used to put a bit of (don't laugh, it works) Downey fabric softener in the system. It's been a few years since I've seen that done. I'll ask Dirty Fingernails about it tomorrow to see if he can remember how much to put in.
I think it depends on if you have a top-load or a front-load ::)

Ive got the rebuild kit for mine and plan to do it this weekend. Does yours squeal or have a low whine or moan (technical terms)? Mine has the low moan/whine at idle when warm. Will the rebuild fix this or do I need to buy a new pump? If do the rebuild, I will try to take notes and photos for a write up.
Don't know which is best for you, but I have had my share of powersteering problems at Cruise Moab. This is on the ShortBus, but I think the 40" swampers had something to do with it.

Day 2 blew the seal between the pump & motor and pumped all the fluid into the motor. Not good. Driving out of Pritchett Canyon without power steering is no fun.

Swapped pumps from the SchoolBus and then that day I blew the low pressure side hose. Again on the trail.

I ended up replacing all the low pressure side hoses, the high pressure side hoses and pump with new parts. Figuring I don't want to do that work in the field again and new parts is the surest way to try an avoid it. If I have problems again, I will plumb in an additional cooler so that I can have extra capacity and cooler fluid on the trail.

I am rebuilding the old pump for a trail spare. The pump is pretty easy to remove, but the high pressure line is a bitch to get back in. If the trusk is 1993/1994 vintage, you might want to look at the hoses. The low pressure can not be bought without the whole cooler assembly in the front, but you can use regular tranny cooler line. The high pressure is one piece and I am sure Cdan has the number & price.
Dan -

>> The kit for the gear-driven 1FZ PS pump is a 04446-60080, it lists for $48.07. The pump is a 44320-60182, it lists for $310.40.

Are these p/n's the same for a '97 (i.e., for all 1FZ's)? Not having problems yet, but...

R -

Yes, they are for all years 1FZ(North America anyway,dunno about the rest for sure but I imagine they would be the same)
D -


R -
BMT, your decision; however, I don't know if I want to be in the middle of BFE with you knowing that you're running fabric softener in the PS pump.... :eek:

I like Christo's approach. Buy new pump and lines, rebuild old pump....have spare for you and Skeddy in Baja. :D

The trick was a couple of tablespoons of Downey liquid. 8)
Aparently the silicone in it is the active ingredient.

I don't think I would stuff a dryer sheet in there.......... ::)

Use the above at your own risk.
It is a loud whine and only comes on when it is hot and I am running high RPM for an extended time. Examples are highway use and trail rides. I will go with the new hoses along with my rebuild/new one. They are original 94 vintage.
I had a very siimilar problem, where my 91 cruiser would groan at very low speeds. I kinda knew that I had a leak in the PS pump, but I was hoping it would go away.... ??? I finally rebuilt it with the help of several peole in the group, and it has not caused my any problems. Believe me, if I can do it, anyone can do it. I think that the kit was like $27, and I also needed a seal, and gasket. I also ended up replacing the outside belt, since I had it off anyway, and It wasn't that expensive. Not too many trouble spots really. Definitely post if you are going to do it.

After my fix, it hasn't leaked or groaned, and it's been like 5 months.


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