p.s. gear box question...

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Jan 4, 2005
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which years are interchangeable? say, for example, can you sap in a 62 box, or an 80 box for a 60 box without any mods? need one for an 84, and if there are some better options, it'd be useful info.
so far through web searching, i haven't found this info any where. ideas? i do know that toyota shows difering art #'s, but that is not always the most reliable test. any thoughts? or any leads? any help is quite beyond appreciated.
ok. so, according to that, the only box that works is from the 60. i was hoping they were more interchangeable than that. would have made my search a ton simpler. bummer.
It's worse than that. If you have an 84 truck only 81-84 will work. The bolt pattern changed in 85.

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