oxygen sensor reading are bizarre, to me at least

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Jul 7, 2007
West Chester, Pa
Ok, so I'm trying to run through all my test procedures for determining my problem (see below) and got to the O2 sensors because of a couple of recommendations. The results don't make any sense to me, maybe someone can shed some light.

Followed the FSM, page FI-80, warmed up the engine, kept a steady 2500 rpms, shorted the E1 and TE1, connected positive lead to VF1 and neg to E1. I got no fluctuations on my meter. (did this a couuple of times with the same result). So I follow the manual and removed the short between E1 and TE1 and measured the voltage between VF1 and E1 (3.5volts) and VF2 and E1 (2.25volts). What gives. Im basically right in the middle of the two options in the FSM, 0v or 5v. What do I do now? :confused:

I'll be out banging my head on the cruiser.

By the way I have no codes.


I think I'll post this in the 3FE and 80 section also
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