Owners/Service Manual For 77' FJ40

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Feb 12, 2009
I have been trying to locate a service owners/manual. I know they are different so I think I am looking for a service manuel. I was recommended to SOR's manuals but they say owner. Are their owner manuals going to cover a lot of service information? I also called Toyota and they recommended I try this website to find it. Problem is they are 4 different manuals. :bang: Thanks ahead of time.

Toyota Parts and Service
The owners manual is 9720A and has basic service recommendations and is what comes with the vehicle.

Then there are supplimental repair manuals. The engine and the chassis and I believe an emissions)manual. I recommend both if you don't have them.
Spector 221-43
SOR said:
Chassis & Body Manual-
Fits 1975-1980 FJ40, BJ40, 45 & 55 Series-USA and World-1979-1980 also purchase #223-20 power steering manual

There's also a supplement to include things like a full float rear axle, but I'm not so sure you'd need that.

I should have mentioned it to you when you guys were up at the shop. I have an F series manual that I am happy to part with (not like we need it anymore). PM me about it (or I'll bring it to the next HDC meeting if I can make it).


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