Owner of a new LX 450 - Newbie Questions

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Jun 19, 2011
Always wanted a Land Cruiser unfortunately they don't sell them here in Canada and are way too over priced :( saw an advert for a LX 450 and got it , I want to know a few things

I want to change all the fluids,

1.How much oil does the Transmission take ? , which Oil ?
2. Differential does that take any oil ? if yes how much
3. The 4x4 gear should it be on H or L
4. What other things should I check ?

I changing the Spark Plugs / Wires / Filters, sorry if the questions are a bit amateurish.

kashif.work@gmail.com for replies
What about some pics of your LX? Welcome to the addiction! Maintaining a Land cruiser or LX 450 here in Canada is expensive just suck it up its worth it.
Welcome . Good idea to change the fluids your owners manual should have what you need. MIke MIke

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