Own an 80 and want to buy a 60 please help!!

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Oct 18, 2006
Hey guy's! 80's owner here.....Just got a chance to buy an 83 Cruiser for 3g's....clean in and out no rust... 220 k on the odometer..... What do you think? I'm game but.....I have just one question....What's the mileage like? What would it be if I add a 5 speed tranny? If I can get better mileage....cool The 80 is really the :princess:'s car.... And this would be my CRUISER!!!!:D YEAH!!! sorry a little exited there....Pleas guys your feed back is really needed. OH and my plan, if I get it, would be to convert it to propane!:grinpimp::grinpimp::grinpimp::idea:

a good tuned 60 should get around 16mpg or so.
oh yea and propane is cool as hell, good for enviroment... longer oil change intervals cause it burn cleaner and can run at any angle.

i plan on running it and reg fuel on my 350 im gonna swap in.
I had a nice '87 FJ60 with H55F 5 speed tranny. Got about 16 or so in general driving. 60s have some sex appeal that 80's don't. 80's have leather, automatic, sunroof and more power.

You pays your money and takes your choice.
sweet!!! Just ran it by the :princess:.....She does not care as long as it keeps me from messing with her 80. Oh and knowing that I will be adding less wear and tear from her 80 is a plus for her.

I'm buying it for 2,500.00!!!!! Pretty cool huh..... It even has the original tool bag..... any way thanks criuising and mike....for your wisdom on mileage will be heard through out the ages.... Hope I can seal the deal.....:cheers:
sounds like a deal. i paid 3500 for mine... some rust included:grinpimp:
The only thing about propane is that it burns hotter then regular fuel and does not lubricate some of the engine parts like regular fuel. If anything, especially with an older engine, it might be a good idea to install a EGT gage on the manifold just to monitor your temps.
:flipoff2: for getting a rust free cruiser for $2500, up here that would get me a rust free frame, without a cruiser. Lucky guy. On the plus side, we have diesel engines in ours.:D
It'll be even slower on propane, though. There's at least one turbo propane 60 on this board - something else to think about.
Where you gonna put the propane tank?
FANTOM....your right...would trade it for a diesel any day.....

TINKER......Propane turbo?..:idea: mmmm..sounds like an idea. But in reality it's like....:banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana:right?

TEXX.........Thinking about the rear of the roof rack......Would have to design one with a pleasant to the eye armored cage. But first I need the cruiser.

HKS3SGT...Another reason why I'm getting the 60...wife's 80 gets 10 city and 11.5 highway. And the first thing....(before the propane, lift, HID retro, Arb front and back.)Wow...let me catch my breath. I will get a 5 speed tranny...That should help with the mileage on the HWY.....:D:D:D:D:D plus... it will add to the :cool: factor.
60s, when in good state of tune, get better mpg than 80s. I average 14mpg city and about 16-17 hwy.

I have to say I find that pretty hard to believe. But maybe so.
LOOK WHAT FOLLOWED MY UNCLE HOME TONIGHT!!!:grinpimp::grinpimp: Then he brought her to my home....

there is minimal rust if none at all..... small dent under the driver side head light.:doh:
I have to say I find that pretty hard to believe. But maybe so.

It is so. But mine is completely stock. Your mpgs go down with MTs, racks, bumers, lifts, etc...

Also, a big thing to do with mpg, is speed. I rarely ever drive above 60! :)
That looks like a good FJ60. They are great trucks, and in many ways, the best of the USA Land Cruisers. I agree that the MPG is better in an FJ60 than an 80 series, despite the prehistoric mechanicals and overall slowness. Just learn to live at a slower pace.

Mod it carefully-they are not making them any more of them. Stick mostly with OEM parts. An H55f is a great addition once you get to know the truck.

Mine has been nearly bullet proof in the 6 years I have owned it. I'll probably own it the rest of my life.

that looks pretty clean. i would have snatched that thing up in a second. how does it run?
hks3gte.... I won't drive it hard...I plan to "baby it". Might go 65 on long hwy. driving...but thats it... Plus I bought it to park it!:D next to my :princess:'s 80. My daily driver is my 87 4runner that I treat like I hate it. HA!! that 22r is a mini 3fe...built like a tank!

Saint60.. I only drove it half way down the block... wow! I like the fact That I find myself shifting @ under 2000 RPM's. Feels pretty tourquee to me.... I wont drive it till I get insurance for it. I will try tomorrow. PLUS...I think I'm changing my mind...... I don't think I want to change out the bumpers.... they are in great shape! Plus I plan to get all of the bells and wistle's working again. I think that I will propane my 4runner first...cause man...I like the damn thing too much to mod it and wheel it...:cheers:

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