Oversized running boards

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Feb 13, 2009
Martinez, GA
Hey all,

:princess: complains that the running board is too narrow for her foot when she's climbing in and out. Probably has something to do with those d*mn 6" platform looking shoes she wears, but...

I've searched but couldn't find a thread about oversized running board options. This 40 is my dd, and I don't wheel hard very often, so I'm not real worried about losing trail prowess. Just looking for something that makes it easier to ingress & egress.

Stock look, aftermarket, custom; doesn't really matter, just something that works.

I know that JT outfitters had a set of extra wide running boards in Aluminum for $146. There are other vendors that sell them also. I have never had a problem with JT Outfitters but I have heard that others have.

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