For Sale Overland Trailer + Rooftop Tent + Hobie Outback + Jackson Cuda 12

Mar 28, 2012
Houston Texas
I am thinking about offloading my overland trailer that was built to haul my kayaks to remote fishing spots. This is a turn key setup READY TO GO.

It's a great trailer with a torsion setup. The wheel pattern is the same as a jeep.

We built the lid for the RTT and Kayaks to be hinged with struts but never added the struts. The lid opens but it is really hard to do it without two people (no struts). All the lights work and is registered as a custom made trailer in texas.

The RTT is well used. I use all of my gear and beat up on everything that I own. I am not a KEEP EVERYTHING PRESTINE type of guy. Im a "everything is functional and gets USED " type of guy. So I just want to be clear and transparent. Everything functions as it should but is well used. The RTT has the Anex.

The Hobie Outback is a 2016 model with the turbo fins. Comes with a seat and Mirage Drive.

The Cuda comes with a seat and NO PADDLE.

Hitch is a regular 2" ball.

The tires are in great shape !!!

I would like to sell it or trade it.

6000 For everything I don't want to sell it without the kayaks. It's literally the only way I move the boats around and I don't want to get stuck with two kayaks in the garage. Im not parting anything out at the moment.

Trades that are welcome (will take cash on top or add cash on my end)
- Project Land Cruisers (must be running)
- Fox Body Mustangs (or mercury capri RS)
- SVO Mustang
- SN95 Mustangs
- Center Console Boat (Skinny boats only)
- Land in Toledo Bend (very specific I know)
- 4x4 Toyotas

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