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Mar 27, 2007
So I bought a 89Fj62 last week. I drove it around some over the weekend but not much. I decided to park my 91 Toy Pickup today and drive the cruiser to work this morning.

On the way home it started to overheat. I was kinda freaking out about how quickly it started to overheat and go all the way to the red. We are talking a couple miles down the road, two stop lights.

So a lady in front of me stops short and I slam on what up until then were my brakes. I narrowly averted hitting her in the ass. I turned off and immediately noticed no breaks. :crybaby: Needless to say I had some choice words to spit at fate.

When I opended the hood I noticed the top right rad hose going to the top of the engine was squished flat, kinked so to speak. I figured the hose was hosed and I would be able to ease her home later. I pretty much assumed the master cylinder took a nose dive as I could not see any break fluid leaking anywhere.

After the wife picks me up and takes me home for dinner, we stop by the auto parts store, snag a rad hose and its back to the parking lot where I left the stationary cruiser.:( I changed the hose and drove home, I had some breaks but not much. Less than two miles down the road she was overheating again. I was not driving above 40mph at any time. When I got home the brand new radiator hose was again squezed flat. Does that indicate there is a block somewhere? What are the obvious things to look into. I am going to use the break failure as a reason to upgrade to the T100/4Runner MC and calipers. I can't stand weak brakes. Any help you can provide would be super. I am getting some unwanted comments from the :princess: as to whether I am up the creek w/ out a paddle on my new Toy!
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Try changing the thermostat.Maybe it's stuck closed and you're not flowing.Also while you're at it check the fan clutch and the flow of your radiator just to make sure the rest of the cooling system is working properly.I hope it's that easy.As far as the brakes go, they are vaccum asisted and who knows what's going on there.Make sure all the vaccum hoses are in good shape and connected.Good luck,Dave
X2 on Thermostat. Change it out, but make sure the gaskets are properly installed; otherwise, the gauge will show near "C" at all times and you will have no heat. (There is a rubber gasket that sits on top, some describe as a rubber ring).

As to the brakes, that's all alchemy to me . . .

good luck, and enjoy that 62!
radiator cap!

bad radiator cap will cause the collapsed hose scenario.

wouldn't hurt to change the t-stat but you may be able to get by with bleeding all the air out of the system and then slapping on a new radiator cap. (the bad cap may have let air into the system which caused the overheating.)
I wouldn't drive the wagon before getting this fixed. Change the cap and thermostat and test out the fan clutch and water pump. Might want to flush out the radiator as well just to be on the safe side.
Sounds like your radiator is clogged. That top hose will kink in like that when the radiator can't provide enough coolant flow around the engine, just like when you suck really hard on a straw and it bends in. Getting your radiator cleaned out will probably fix the overheating.
x3 thermostat !!! if the rad was plugged the top hose would be pressurized when the engine was running and the bottom hose would tend to collapse.

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