Over The Line Tournament

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Mar 14, 2006
Sandy Eggo
Do any of you ever go to OTL? Sign-ups for a team are this Saturday. Get your info here: OMBAC.org

I have been going for at least 8 years now but this is the first time I put together a team. I usually just put down :beer:'s every year. :D

If you have never been then you are probably new to S.D. and you have to check it out! It's the 2nd & 3rd weekend of July.
We used to get an out of state registration, that way you did not have to go the the regular process. We had a friend that lived in arizona who would do it. Good times, but I haven't been in a few years, getting too old. When I lived in PB half of my complex played rugby for OMBAC so I was successful getting wrist bands many years for all access,talk about fun. Of course it did not hert that I lived with 2 nurses that they all were interested in. In fact I think an old girlfriend and old roomate still have questionable photos on the wall at the Beach Comber in south mission.(stickers in usually covered up places)

Have fun, and give us a recap, with tales of conquest if possible or stories of questionable character.
Too old, non sense. I party with my buddies that are all 8-15 years older than me and they have one of the first camping spots in the RV section and use a chrome super market turn style to get into the camp. We also always have a "Show-Em" Bar set up for passer by's. But there is only one way to get a free beer at this bar! If you know what I mean, WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE....
Used to vacation down in IB. MIL had part of an old beach cottage just south of the pier. They used to have an OTL tournament years ago we would watch from the cottage in August. Fun to watch!
Good times, I know I'm not too old but it sounds better that way when I have been too busy to go. I'll have to join a Canever or Cadaver team some day so I can reminisce more about the way it used to be. Even break out the 100% fat free stickers and several cases of lucky lager when that happens.

Nice to have a spot there so close, I seem to remember someone with a turn style there years ago. Remember what Confucius says "man who walk sideways through turn style at airport is going to Bangkok"

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