over-heating 60

Feb 25, 2003
1987 FJ60, 211k miles with original radiator, in Colorado. Has had some minor troubles over-heating on long climbs. SO, I go slow (is there any other way?). But, this morning, I'm almost convinced that it only will overheat when the heater is on 'hot'. Does that make sense? Usually, you'd turn the heater full blast, so you can dissipate a little more of the heat. . . .

Does this mean I may have a bubble somewhere in the water cooling system? Anybody else had this problem?
Jan 3, 2003
McCall, ID
Well, I for one agree, it doesn't quite make sense. Completely. :cheers:
Sep 19, 2003
I can't say that I have the same problems as you, but it sounds to me like you have an ailing (sp?) fan clutch. Turning on the heat will only help cooling issues for a limited time. Have you checked to ensure that you have proper belt tension on fan belt? I would go ahead and replace the thermostat, suspect hoses, flush system (w/ water), and replace with Toyota Red. If you do the job yourself it'll run you about $50~70, add another $200 if you replace the fan clutch and WP. I had cooling problems with my 87 FJ60 this summer and I wound up replacing everything. :eek: I'd try this and see what kind of temps you get. Good luck :D


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