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May 23, 2007
Las Vegas

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February 10th, 2009

Rock Zombies 4x4 club form new rocksports competition team: OVRocksports

New team is dedicated to land-use issues and trail stewardship.

The Nor Cal Rock Zombies are proud to announce OV Rocksports, which is the new competition division of the club. The team consists of three vehicles, two competing in the Pro-Modified class and one in the Super-Modified class in the CalROCS series and other west coast rock crawling and racing events. Additionally, Dan Trout of Fishmouth-Fabworks will drive one of the team’s vehicles in the Last Chance Qualifier in the now-famous King of the Hammers race in Johnson Valley with team member Travis Carpenter as spotter.

What sets this new team apart from others is it’s commitment to land-use issues and trail stewardship. OV Rocksports has pledged it’s vehicles to be used by the Friends of Eldorado under that organization’s educational charter. Not only will all three rigs run Friends of Eldorado stickers, but the vehicles will be displayed at work-parties, at land use events and booths, and seen on Rock Zombie club runs educating OHV users about proper use and getting them involved in trail stewardship projects. Unlike other competition vehicles that sit in a garage in between events, these vehicles will be in the public eye nearly every weekend over the 2009 season. This means more exposure for the team’s sponsors. With the support of Fishmouth-Fabworks, the vehicles will be meticulously maintained to stay in working order throughout the 2009 season.

The Nor Cal Rock Zombies have been strong supporters of the Friends of Eldorado since its inception, showing up in force at work-parties and holding a now annual “Bikini Rig Wash” as a fund raiser for that organization. Rock Zombie founder Rob Cook explains, “It’s our goal to not only use this team to compete, but to inspire other teams and OHV users to become more active in keeping our trails open to the public. In the past, trail stewardship had been the domain of the older trail-rig crowd, it’s time the younger generation and the more extreme users step up to the plate.”

The Nor Cal Rock Zombies were formed in 2000, and have quickly set themselves apart from other clubs with their “extreme” style of four wheeling and their commitment to trail stewardship. The newly formed OV Rocksports is sponsored and supported by; Friends of Eldorado, Empulse Clothing, Power Tank, Marco Muffler, Loud Liquid, and Fishmouth-Fabworks. The team is still pursuing a title sponsor for the 2009 season.

More information is available at OV Rock-Sports - Home

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If you would like more information on this topic, or to schedule an interview with Kurt Schneider, Please call 925-596-0432 or e-mail Kurt at Kurt@ovrocksports.com

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