Outsmarted by metal, or, why don't my tie/relay rods fit?

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Apr 1, 2006
Dude. 107F out there. I'm having technical difficulties. This is a major milestone for those of you who know me and my build. For those who do not, I'm extremely picky and started amassing parts in 2006 starting with my S. TX hunting lease FJ40 purchased in 1994. Complete tear down. Every mod imaginable but onboard air (soon enough).

This is the last shove. Steering buttoned up>disc brakes>MT full family cage welded up and installed>corbeau seats/harnesses>paint. I can faintly taste the accomplishment.....

Luke at 4X4L made me a custom setup with HD 1 ton Chevy ends, and man I just can't figure out the install and I need help badly. I tried a few configurations. The rearmost rod makes perfect sense. The 2026 tie rod end bangs into the other on the passenger steering arm, they are too large to sit side by side, so the smaller rod end must go there.....somehow either the relay rod wasn't tapped deep enough for the 2233 with the hole to adjust inward to reach the pitman arm, or I need to get another GM 1 ton drag link end to shorten the rod. Anyone have a clue how what I have NOW might work?









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I'm no expert on this by any means, but from looking at the pics it looks like the end on the passenger side of the tie rod should be swapped with the drag link. It seems that the end on the tie rod is shorter then the one on the drag link. Just a thought.
Ruffstuff to the rescue....but what hole in the double hole steering arm gets the TRE?

Got it all switched and the last bit is the drivers TRE. Currently it's too long. I'm trying to source a GM one-ton end (7/8-18), about 5" long. I just don't know what year vehicle these one ton GM TREs come from. Anyone?
Fits 74-83 Heep Wagoneer and a bunch of others....
Guess what? That TRE fits the passenger side of my relay rod but not the drivers, not the side I need! Again anyone? AutoZone/ o'Reilly's can't figure it out because this is custom and not for a specific vehicle. On the photo above left to right, top to bottom 1234.
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I'm a little confused on what you are looking for. You should have two different threads (standard and metric) on either side of your relay rod. The standard thread, and standard TRE go to your pitman arm. the metric side ties in to the TRE that has the second hole. The second tie rod will have both metric threads. It kind of sounds like you have your tie rod, and relay rod swapped, and you are trying to fit a metric tie rod end in to a standard thread hole...
Now I'm really confused. You mean the TREs are swapped? Pretty sure the configuration is correct and rods will only set up the way of the Y link.
Guess what? That tire on the one side of my relay rod but not the other, and certainly not the side I need! Again anyone?

How about some pictures of what your looking for??
See post 3.
By your picture, you have two TRE's that look alike. I would think they are the two metric TRE's that would link in to the Toyota parts (Yellow circles) one would stay where it is, and the other would go to the drivers side steering arm. The Blue circled end would stay put at the passenger side steering arm. The last (Red circle) would go to the pitman arm. Both the tie rod, and relay rod look like they are the same length? That doesn't look right...
That is a y link for discussion purposes only......
2d to last pic the BAW2026 tie rod end doesn't fit anywhere anymore. It's too long.
I'll snap a pic tomorrow of current setup.
Now that I look at your explanation I think you are correct b/c the red circle tie rod and is not for use in a drag link it says for use in Pitman arm only.
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