Apr 16, 2003
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:mad: Ok heres my b#$% I paid Outbackcruisers from Cokeville utah my TLCA dues as they said they do this all the time for there custermers . After spanding 800 bucks on a lift for my 60 . Now 5 months later nothing . I went and found the owner and he said a employee had done this before . The whole place is vacant!!1
Well Ill just send them in on my own .
Dec 23, 2002
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This is just plain bad. At this time, no associate member or business takes TLCA Dues. While I cannot explain what might have happened, I can only assure you and all Members that TLCA manages their own Membership applications.

I can also assure you that I will be contacting you personally to help resolve this most unfortunate scenario.

Please don't you or anyone reading this post think for one second that this is the way TLCA conducts business. If it were, we would also be as vacant as this vendor.


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