Out with the old in with the new

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Aug 20, 2013
Easton, PA
Well it's my first official post here on mud. I've looked through the forum for many years because my buddy has had a few 40's and 60's. now I got my first 60.
Out with the old....
1967 kaiser jeep m715 383stroker.


And in with the new.....
85' fj 60 SOA on 40" swampers original 2f with 118k on the ticker


So I'm sure I'll have a few questions coming up. This will be my family cruiser. I got rid of the M715 because my wife and I are now proud parents of identical twin boys!!! I feel that the 60 will be a rig that I can enjoy with the whole fam.

My first project is to figure out how to get rid of the squeaking coming from the rear. It looks like the previous owner added two leaves in the rear spring packs. The spring pins are not grease able but the bushings look to be ok. I might just take the packs apart, coat them with slip plate, and then put grease bolts in to see if that helps.

Anyway, glad to meet you all in cyber space. Help and suggestions are always welcome!!


Very nice! welcome to the addiction, should of dropped the stroker in the 60 man! :flipoff2:
That jeep was pretty intense. You made a good move to a 60 though :)

I'm a twin myself. Not identical, but a twin nonetheless. Enjoy raising those two! Haha
Yeah I wish I could have saved the 383 for the 60 but then it would have been hard to sell the truck with no motor. Since the current 2f is a low miler, Im most likely going to run it till it dies and then think about doing a swap.
The biggest thing the 60 needs is doors because there all pretty rough rust wise. My jeep M715 was rust free because it was originally from alabama but this 60 is definitely a northern truck because there a lot of rust repair to do.
I'll keep yawl posted!!
Welcome to the addiction.
nice rig. congrats!

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