Out-of-town Pre-purchase inspection questions

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May 1, 2019
san francisco
Do you do pre-purchase inspection when buying trucks out of your local area? Or, do you just go and check it out?

Can anyone recommend a Land Cruiser specialist in Palm Springs, CA?

When one doesn't know a Cruiser specialty shop, is the Toyota dealership the best option?

Are any of the mobile services good? Any one better than the rest? There is a huge choice of them. How would they compared to the dealership?

The mobile service would sure be easier to arrange, since the seller wouldn’t have to do anything, but have the truck available.

Are either the dealership or the mobile services going to do an iH8Mud approved/quality inspection?

Thanks for the help. I have never tried to buy a truck from a distance.
Hi, Lots of good ?s. Personally go drive it first and ask for any and all service record . Figure some work will need to be done. Dealers can at least find the major flaws. Mike

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