Out of Africa park?

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Jan 26, 2004
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Has anyone been to this? www.outofafricapark.com

I know it recently moved to Camp Verde and I am thinking of taking my kids there. Is it cool or a bust?

I went with my wife and daughter a few months ago. It was like $26 a person, which was really quite expensive - but there really isn't much to do up here...lol.

You can pay like $15 and just do either the general admission - where you walk the paths near the fenced in animals, or pay $26 to do that AND get a ride on the Unimogs (which is a must)

We went during stage 1 of 3 of their opening...so what we saw were just chainlink fences separating animals.....and alot of the animals were LAME.

Not lame like boring.....they were deformed and missing limbs.

Its nice to see a giant lion or tiger...feed a giraffe a biscuit with it's head right next to yours inside the Unimog...

But worth $26 a person? No.

I'm sure it will be much better once they finish opening completely.
I've been there, but it was back when they were over on the Verde near Fort McDowell. I thought it was pretty cool. I don't know what they have changed, but at the old location, the cages were set up so that you could be VERY close to the animals. It was great to be standing within a couple feet of lions and panthers and such. You need to watch the shows though or you'll get bored real fast. They had a thing when I went where they would let you feed the tigers at one of the shows.
havent been to the new one, but have been to both the others and its a little better than the zoo, but you cant set up the tent out there with the lions for that genuine african experience.
This place was awsome, I went last fall, and want to get back again soon since they've opened more attractions.

Go on a Wednesday, Friday or Sunday, these are the live feeding days when you can watch them feed the animals: tigers, lions, bears, wolves, pumas and whatever other large canivors they have at the time. We went on a Friday and the animals where quite active, especially when the feeding trucks arrived.

Get there when they open and pay for everything they have. When I went, it was the tram ride to the area where most of the animals are kept and the other ride out to see the giraffs, which is pretty cool. The giraffs will actually take the biscuit out of your mouth if you let them. Cost for admission was about $70 something for two adults and two kids.

It's kinda small and low key, but I've never seen that many big cats, that close and that active in a zoo, even at the two in SD.

Have Fun

It's way cool! Go the whole route. Ride a Unimog in the "Savanna". The giraffes are tame enough to beg for cookies like your cat would. You can pet them. Watch out for the ostriches, while you feed the giraffes, the ostriches will bite you on the butt if you don't share! Zebras will put a head almost in your lap with a grin just for a treat!
On the cat side the lady may even play with the tigers. The cats are raised as pets until they get too big. Certain people have a relationship with them. I have seen a lady push tigers around with one hand while holding raw chicken in the other! I'll stick with my house cat!!
It's an experience that you won't soon forget.

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