Our 60's and the things we pull with them.

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Sep 20, 2008
Salt Lake Valley
This thread is dedicated to all the things that get pulled with our 60's.

My 81' 60 has pulled:
Dad's 1969 Chevy Saburban
Sister's 1993 Murcury Tracer (blew the timing belt then I had to fix it :mad:)
Dad's 2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited X with 3.5" lift and 35" KM2's :D(got stuck trying to go over a snow-bank )
my 1983 Porsche ( I just wanted to take it around the block to warm it up but around the first corner in our neihborhood I slid into someone's front yard so I had to pull myself out. Idaho winters suck.)
Fence posts (they were cemented four feet down, but I got the Beast to do a 3-wheel burnout!)
Brother-in-law's Bronco: (got the distributor wet in the middle of wheeling)
cruiser pulls bronco.jpg
Dirt-bike Trailer:
cruiser pulls bike.jpg
Ugly, beat up old utility trailer:

Cruise on! :steer:
cruiser pulls bronco.jpg
cruiser pulls bike.jpg
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My cruiser has pulled:

a little 1500 silverado that rear ended me and got stuck to my bumper
Pulled my buddies 94' 1500 2wd chebby many times, through the snow drifts.
A 02' LandRover Disco twice cause it broke.
A 00' Kia Rio off a telephone pole (ouch)
Many different rigs out of stucks on the trail (my favorite was a stuck jeep that was following a group of Cruisers)
Mine has been pulled out of a few stucks itself
I've loaded up my trailer and pulled misc. stuff (carpet, wood splitter, furniture, etc.) 1300 miles round trip. For heavy stuff I mostly pull a trailer full of wood. In a week or two I'll be loading up a bunch of moss rocks and tow those down to CA when I visit family and bring back more stuff from a family members move up here.

When I still sported the 2F I loaded up paver stones (calculated 1st load 3500lbs, 2nd load 4000lbs) that we got for free. Axles road on the bump stops and we only travelled a short distance.
I've pulled a tent trailer, my '72 FJ-40, and currently a M-116A2 military trailer.

Edit: ...and fence posts.
20 foot Glastron with Mercruiser,fj-62,16 foot loaded with construction material. Mike
I pull around my M416, but I've rescued countless cars and trucks from the snow on northeast roads :D
Like a dumb ass, I used to tow with my fist FJ-60 a lot. I had a tow bar on my FJ-40 and I would flat tow it to the trail. Crazy.

I towed this duck boat a lot and used to play in the mud :rolleyes:

Gotta find those flat-tow pics for the BIG laugh.
I've towed other Land Cruisers, a boat, a couple of Jeeps, a pop-up trailer I rented, and a trailer with a 2F on it. A 60 is NOT a good tow vehicle but gets the job done.

I towed a huge diesel pusher motorhome with my 80 series last year at Surf and Turf.
One of my best pulls .. min 6 or so ..

YouTube - Tencha en Ciri 2005

Long time ago .. no need to add that this guy, was laughing all the day coz he had a uber 350 with all HP inside and I was only with my old and NA ( was no turbo at this time ) 2H ..
flat towing the 40 to a cruiser show...highway speeds no problem

also towed a buddys heep to my place to fix....twice.

little trailer a few times too, but not often.
no pics and nothing to exiting but,
trailer full of fire wood
same trailer full of all our possetions when we moved
and ive used my ex tacoma to move her around twice.
I know it ain't a Cruiser, but today I pulled my zero turn mower out of the flooded ditch I slid into in my front yard, with my Honda Prelude
My friend out of the side of a field... U-turn gone bad (hello - that side of the road was swamp, other side was dry...).

Sheesh what hasnt been towed
My other truck to the shop ( Dakota)
Motor and sail boat
Trailer full of wood( Heavy)
Dads tractor out of ditch
Most recently a Mini ex on trailer for an excavation job not real heavy but still there!
Oh yeah have pulled self out several times
Great thread!

My 60 has towed:
* cheapie Harbor Freight trailer full of gravel (til the trailer broke. :bang:)
* ugly trailer full of trash/ firewood/ gravel (ditto the HEAVY) pic below, empty
* rented trailer to move an 8x8 shed 25 miles :eek:
* rented tow-dolly to get my Honda & Mazda pickup to the shop :wrench::wrench::wrench::wrench:

It Wants to tow an expedition style base camp trailer, if/when I ever get the ugly trailer fixed up. :hillbilly:
It NEVER wants to tow my Kawaski :ban:
60 w trailer cropped.JPG
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